In Memoriam: Dr. Paul Kienel - Memories, Thoughts, Prayers

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  • 1.  Grateful

    Posted 12-09-2020 09:50:00 AM
    I am grateful that Dr. Kienel served as an interim superintendent at Western around 2006-2007. It was during this time that he promoted me to my current position. Every time I saw him since, he would say, "Promoting you was the best decision of my career", I am smart enough to know that this wasn't true. He made me feel valued, he respected me as a professional and he mentored me and allowed me to grow into my position. His belief in me meant the world to me. Knowing that someone like Paul would see something of value in me has carried me through the good and the bad times. 
    Dr. Kienel was one of the funniest people I have known. He could keep us laughing for hours. He had this very slow and almost dry delivery so you never saw the joke coming! I have a picture that he took of me and two of my friends from Western at a Christmas party in 2008. On the photo he wrote, "three of the scariest women I know". As strong women in leadership positions, he knew that often people would be intimidated and he was poking fun at us (and them). He was kind, wise, patient- a true leader. I have met only a few people like him in my time in Christian Education. He was a rare breed but someone I aspire to be like someday. I am truly grateful for the investment he made in me. I am quite certain he invested everything he had in other people but God continued to fill him with more. He raised an amazing family who follow Jesus, his legacy continues on through them. It is in a time like this that we are all confronted with the thought of our own time coming to an end. Reflecting on Paul's life and seeing how other people are speaking about his influence inspires me to live my life with the end in mind. Even in his passing, he continues to guide us to live our lives pouring into others. It is an investment that will pay back in dividends. Thank you Paul and thank you to the entire Kienel family. I am a life that was changed.
    Thank you, God for Dr. Kienel. Our loss is truly heaven's gain.

    Laura Nelson
    Vice Principal / International Program Director
    Western Christian Schools System Office
    Upland CA
    909.920.5858 (223)

  • 2.  RE: Grateful

    Posted 12-11-2020 08:48:00 AM
    Thank you, Laura. This is a beautiful tribute to Paul.


    Caitlyn Berman
    Public and Media Relations Coordinator
    ACSI Headquarters
    Colorado Springs CO