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Back-to-School Pre-Service Training

  • 1.  Back-to-School Pre-Service Training

    Posted 07-18-2023 11:01:00 AM

    Hi Early Education Program Administrators:

    This is an exciting time of year. I love the smell of new school supplies, especially crayons and fresh pencils. Please find below a few of my go-to resources for teacher training. 

    Strengths and Weakness assessment Get Help Now | Crown Financial Ministries

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    Get Help Now | Crown Financial Ministries
    Crown's approach to biblical stewardship is provenCrown's approach to biblical stewardship is proven and effective.
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    Spiritual Worldview Checklist Individual Worldview Checkup | Summit Ministries

    Summit Ministries

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    Individual Worldview Checkup | Summit Ministries

    Your answers to the following questions will provide you with an indication of your biblical worldview and other non-biblical ideas in the world today. This survey doesn't suggest whether you are a good or bad Christian. Rather, it reveals how you might be able to strengthen your faith in specific...

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    Health and Safety Orientation (emergency preparedness and crisis management)


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    Weather Safety content for Kids and Teens

    NOAA's Weather-Ready Nation™ application is designed to increase your level of readiness for various weather threats. Select your age group and state and you will be given a customized set of weather scenarios. Upon completion of your set, you will be offered a certificate of completion. Click your age group and State to begin.

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    Strengthening Workplace Relationships

    Helping Organizations Create Healthy Workplace Cultures.

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    The John Maxwell Company

    This resource is designed to measure your current level of influence through not only your own self-assessment, but also the feedback from others around you (referred to as "raters").

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    TechNotes Blog

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    Personality Test for Professional Development

    Try this free personality test to learn more about yourself. Then think about how you might incorporate it into professional learning with your peers.

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    Multiple Intelligences -- Assessment

    This form can help you determine which intelligences are strongest for you. If you're a teacher or tutor, you can also use it to find out which intelligences your learner uses most often. Many thanks to Dr. Terry Armstrong for graciously allowing us to use his questionnaire. Instructions: Read each statement carefully.

    View this on Literacynet >

    Free learning styles test Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire


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    Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire

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    Learning styles assessment for children,ll%20instantly%20get%20your%20results.

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    Quality Rating System, Environment Rating Scale Self-assessment and Program Improvement Forms

    I hope these resources are helpful and you will have the best school year ever!



    Althea Penn
    Director of Early Education
    ACSI Headquarters
    Colorado Springs CO
    (678) 557-8684