Benchmark Testing Options with Iowa Assessments

When:  Apr 25, 2024 from 11:00:00 AM to 11:30:00 AM (MT)
Learn how you can get a new perspective on student performance. Riverside Insights offers an adaptive assessment that delivers flexible measures for reading and math achievement to inform classroom instruction and measure student progress toward end-of-year mastery of core content. IowaFlex connects the high standards of the Iowa Assessments to the flexibility of a custom testing experience for both students and educators. For students, the adaptive format tailors math and reading item selection to each individual’s ability level and creates an unbiased opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of key concepts as they’re being taught throughout the school year. At the same time, IowaFlex provides teachers with reliable data to develop a targeted instructional plan, measure a student’s progress and test as they teach. The session will also share information on Iowa Assessments Single Subjects, a fixed-form option for benchmarking. Empower your staff to assess specific subject-area proficiency, with multiple parallel forms for pre and post testing. Evaluate curriculum and program effectiveness, student progress, collective and individual strengths, and identify learning gaps in math or reading.