Public Policy & Advocacy Network

Leadership Network Public Policy & Legal Affairs

The Public Policy & Advocacy Leadership Network is designed to provide opportunities for Christian school leaders to dialogue and collaborate, share resources, learn from subject matter experts, and work with state and national groups to strengthen the advocacy voice of our Christian schools in the arena of public policy.

In addition to connecting with your peers in relevant discussions and receiving access to resources, we will also host a monthly webinar with experts to discuss the issues of the day.

What Our Network Members Say...

“One of the main benefits of our ACSI membership has been the information provided for all things related to new and upcoming laws and regulations. The Public Policy and Advocacy Leadership Network takes it to a whole new level and one that is very needed! With all that the legal challenges we face daily, it helps to hear from other school leaders and guests of ACSI in a format where I can ask questions and get ideas and answers!”

- Amy Walker, Heritage Oak School, CA