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Guide Towards How To Take Care of ESA Cat 


ESAs play a vital role for people suffering from different psychological complications. They provide therapeutic comfort to their owners and help them in their daily lives. You can also enjoy a very healthy life by getting yourself an ESA. If I say that an ESA would revolutionize your life, then it would not be wrong. These animals are specially trained to give you comfort when no one is around you like maltipoo. Sociologists call humans as social animals who need interactions with their peers one way or another.



People with social anxiety can especially get a huge benefit by owning an ESA because these prove to be very good companions in times of need. If you have made your mind about having an ESA, then you should look up an ESA letter sample from a legit online source. The letter would legally allow you to have an ESA, but remember that only a licensed mental health professional can give you a valid letter. Whenever you are feeling down you can feel attached to your emotional animal. Indeed, various legit online services provide you an ESA letter for your sheepadoodle after conducting a personality evaluation.


Things to look in ESA letter Sample

Remember! Do not fall prey to any offer which sounds extra alluring because it could be a trap.

While going through samples of ESA letters online, you must look for certain points that are prerequisites of a legitimate ESA letter

  • It must be written on the official letterhead of the therapist
  • Patient’s name
  • Name of your ESA siamese cat
  • Assurance that an applicant suffers from a mental, emotional, or psychological disorder
  • A licensed mental health professional or therapist’s name and phone number
  • The license number of the therapist and type of medical license
  • Therapist’s official signature
  • The date on which the letter is issued

You can also fly with your pet after getting your emotional support animal letter wherever you want to go. People say that keeping such a pet is simple. But trust me, it is not that easy because it requires proper attention and timely care. In most cases, ESA is well trained and they just need little time to feel attached to their caregivers.

If you are thinking of owning an ESA I am writing down a simple guide. By following it I am sure you too would be able to take good care of your ESA.

According to the new ESA laws, several airlines require the LMHP to include additional information in the letter which could be as follows:

  • Your mental condition requires you to take your animal along
  • Breed of your emotional support animal (mostly, only cats and dogs are allowed in planes)
  • Weight of your animal

So, if you’re getting an ESA letter of your calico cat for flights, make sure it includes the above-mentioned information.

Is it Wrong to Print Out a Sample Letter?

An ESA letter can only be obtained through a licensed therapist. So, downloading an ESA letter sample and expecting to use it is an utter fraud! you should never do that. However, printing such letters, just for showing it to your mental health practitioner, is not illegal or ethically wrong because your therapist can have an idea in case he/she is missing out on any necessary information. 

Secondly, you must not fill any information yourself! Your LMHP knows which information is to be included in your letter, and if you try to fill any information on your own, it could be challenged if authorities’ questions about the validation of the letter that you received from your licensed therapist. 

If you’re an great pyrenees lover and dealing with any mental disorder, you would surely want your furry friend to be with you every time. But when someone who doesn’t have any mental condition uses a fake ESA letter, it puts every legitimate person’s reputation in danger. The same goes for people who illegally pass their pets off as psychiatric service dogs or support dogs. Always keep in mind that individuals with actual disabilities need their pets! Individuals without any disability don’t.