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09 - Joining A Community Group 

06-22-2018 10:11:34 AM

There are two types of groups to join:
1. Open groups with a Join button
2. Closed groups that require an invitation
This document walks you through the process of joining both.

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08-22-2018 07:49:41 AM

How do I join the accreditation community? I am the one in charge of our school's accreditation, plus I lead teams and served on the commission. It didn't have a join button, so I assumed it was closed.

06-25-2018 06:16:46 AM

Hi Linda - Great question! The answer is yes, we will definitely be seeing additional, more targeted community groups added over time. There will be some metrics in place to help identify how this process will work in order to ensure that we have a group of interested members who can keep it vital and engaging. In the meantime, I did create a Fine Arts library (under the Browse tab - Stand-Along Libraries) for teachers to share some of their student products and information. I will also create a Fine Arts tag so it can be used to help me determine when interest levels increase to the point of creating a specific community group.

06-22-2018 05:54:27 PM

Do you see other groups develop over time? Would we be able to suggest groups? For me is would be super helpful to have a group that focused on teaching the arts.

06-22-2018 10:24:42 AM

To see information about all groups regardless of security settings, please use the Community Group Descriptions

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